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Xbox live gift card


Where to buy Xbox live gift card

Gift cards have made life easier for everyone for sure and that is exactly why almost every famous brand has introduced them. Xbox Live has also given its fans something to cheer about in the form of its Gift cards. You can buy these gift cards and send them to your friends or families who are ardent fans of Xbox gaming as a gift either on their birthday or any other special occasion. These will allow the recipient to redeem the card and get free items from Xbox Live store.


Now those of you who do not play Xbox, but want to give the gift cards to your son, nephew, niece or friend etc. can easily purchase Xbox Live Gift Cards from a number of places.


Here are some places where you can look;


Go online


Microsoft Store


You can visit the Microsoft Store where you can easily find Xbox Live Gift Cards. You can select the card you want and then send it to the intended recipient online. You will have to pay for the card yourself whereas the recipient can enjoy some free Xbox Live Store credits.


Other Websites


Microsoft Store is not the only place where you can find gift cards for Xbox Live. You can also go online and look for other websites that sell these cards. One easy way is to Google these websites; when you enter the title “Xbox Live Gift Cards” you will get a list of many websites where you can find gift cards. Some of these websites may even have a few deals or packages on these gifts cards through which you may be able to get the cards on discounted prices, especially around the holiday season.


You can also find other gaming cards for Xbox Live on these websites such as Xbox Code Hack; you can also send these as gift to your friends or loved ones.

Retail Stores
You can also visit your local retail stores that sell gift cards for Xbox Live. You can buy the card and then send it to the intended recipient through post or give it to them by hand
Here are some places where you can look;
Go online
Microsoft St

Some of the most famous websites are; - it is one of the most famous websites for all types of gift cards. You can look up cards for Xbox Live here; you can find cards with different credit value on and - these two websites will almost always give you the cards you want. – it is another amazing website where you can find the card you are looking for. – you can also visit where they store a collection of Xbox Live Gift and other cards.


No matter which website you go to make sure you read its user reviews and find out if it is an authentic website or not. There are many websites that can scam you into giving them your personal and credit card information.


Retail Stores


You can also visit your local retail stores that sell gift cards for Xbox Live. You can buy the card and then send it to the intended recipient through post or give it to them by hand.


Online Forums


You can visit the official or other online forums for Xbox Live. Many people join forums to exchange Xbox items including gift cards. However, you have to be careful while buying cards through forums. Always make sure never to give away your personal information; it is best to look for someone who lives nearby so you can meet in a crowded place to make the purchase.

Getting free games as a Xbox Live gold member

Xbox Live is an online digital media service operated, created, and launched by Microsoft. It primarily streams digital media and delivers multiplayer gaming. Xbox Live was originally launched in November 2002. When it was launched, it was programmed for the original Xbox console. Now, several updated versions have been released for the Xbox 360 as well as Xbox One. Similar popular services on different gaming devices are Sony PlayStation Network and Nintendo Network.


Every Xbox user receives an Xbox Live account. The most basic version is free and is limited in some ways to what you can and can’t do. Paid subscribers are upgraded to an Xbox Live Gold account which has many additional benefits and perks. One perk of being an Xbox Live Gold member is the benefit of receiving free video games. Microsoft calls this “Games with Gold.”


Microsoft created “Games with Gold” as a way to thank their Gold customers for being paid members. With Games with Gold, members can download two free games every month that are provided through Xbox Live and are the full version of the game. These games are provided for all Gold members and are available on the 1stand the 16th of every month.


While Games with Gold is available in many different countries, the list of countries available for the program is limited. However, the free game downloads are available in countries such as Turkey, Germany, Hong Kong, Denmark, Italy, Japan, Chile, Colombia, and Singapore. Even customers on a 30-day Gold credit card trial are authorized to receive these free games.

Games that are included in the program are a mixture of fan favorites from Games on Demand and Xbox Live Arcade titles. Although some games are very popular, others might not be so popular and game ratings may vary. Currently, no Xbox One games are available through this program.


Although two free games are provided every month, game titles are not disclosed in advance by Xbox. Once the games are downloaded to a console, they will always be available to download by the gamer. If you need to remove a game from your console, you can download it later by accessing Download History on the Account Settings section.


Games that have been provided for free in the past are Gears of War, Assassins Creed 2, Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light, Halo 3, Fable 3, Toy Soldiers, Magic the Gathering, Rambo 6 Vegas, Iron Brigade, Sleeping Dogs, Crackdown, Defense Grid, Shoot Many Robots, Dead Island, and Dead Rising 2. Usually, they are games that were once popular.


All of the above games were available for free and there was no limit as to how much they can be played. Giving free games to loyal customers is a great way to show gratitude. Many Xbox Live Gold members enjoy this free benefit for having a paid account and many take advantage of the free game downloads. With the value of the free game download, an Xbox Live Gold membership pays for itself in a matter of a few months.